Thursday, October 6, 2011

Upcoming Buys: Ray Solar USB Charger

Living in Hawai`i, I'm reminded every day of the awesome power of the sun.  (It's no coincidence that my solar-powered watches never drop below their "high" charge setting.  I once spent three weeks out and about in central Japan in the winter with a G-Shock that remained perpetually in the "mid" setting.  It took all of 15 minutes back in the hot Hawaiian sun to get it back to "high" upon my return.)  With that kind of energy at my fingertips, I've been on the lookout for a good solar charger that would be able to recharge my USB devices easily and efficiently.  I've seen - and been tempted by - previous attempts, but they all inevitably struck out in terms of price or functionality.  

Which is why I'm particularly interested in the Ray from Quirky.  It's a solar charger for devices that use a USB connection - which has been done before - but what separates Ray from other solar chargers is an integrated suction cup that allows it to be affixed to a window or windshield

so that it can collect solar energy without actually being outdoors, or having to constantly fiddle with its stand (which is also included, in case a convenient window isn't handy.  On top of that nifty innovation, the price is certainly right: $49.99 at MSRP, but only $39.99 if you commit to buy it through the current presale.

[Ray: Recharge Naturally, from Quirky, $39.99 on presale.]

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