Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Water Bottle: KOR One Hydration Vessel

This week's review looks at a product that I've used for roughly a year and a half: the KOR One water bottle.  These days proper hydration is a must and disposable plastic water bottles are both expensive over time and an environmental concern when they're thrown away rather than recycled.  Reusable water bottles are better for both the environment and the pocketbook, but I've found that the screw threading Nalgene bottles so popular in the 2000s is a nightmare to keep sanitary (and a bit unwieldy in a pinch), and as much as I liked a spout-topped aluminum bottle that my former workplace provided (complete with its logo on the side), I find it psychologically more comforting if I'm able to see the water I'm drinking.  I also found that the spout nozzle made it difficult to taste the water, which meant that I'd have difficulty in determining when the water filter in my refrigerator needed changing.  Drinking from an open top eliminates that problem, and the quick opening lid of the KOR One makes for easy one-handed opening, swigging, and closing.

The KOR One is made with BPA-free plastic and can hold 750ml of water.  It's sleek, impact resistant, and the curved handles at the top of the bottle easily accommodate a carbiner for attaching it to other things.  (A small advisory: although my lid has never opened accidentally, I'd attach the carabiner to the side with the hinge, as that minimizes the amount of stress put on the side with the button mechanism.)  The only thing that has given me trouble in its year and a half of use is some warping of the rubber ring used to form the lid's seal.  It's readily replaceable, though, and after a quick email to KOR about the problem they sent me a replacement ring free of charge.  A+ marks for customer service and follow-up in my book, on top of an already solid product.

The Kor One is a little pricey at retail: $29.95, but is also available at reduced prices on Amazon.  If you do decide to pick one up from KOR directly, you can use the following coupon code to get 15% off: KWS-12802.  The KOR One is $25.46 with the discount.  The code also works for any of their products, including the newer models in 500ml size - 

KOR Delta ($16.96 with discount):

the stainless steel KOR Vita ($18.66 with discount):

or value-priced KOR Aura ($9.31 with discount):

The Delta, Vita, and Aura also come in 750ml size.  

In any iteration, the KOR is a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing water bottle with excellent environmental undertones.  In fact, KOR donates 1% of every sale to its Thirst For Giving Program.

Get them through KOR directly (and don't forget to enter KWS-12802 for 15% off) or via Amazon: 

Do you use a reusable water bottle?  If so what brand/model's your favorite?  How do you think KOR's offerings compare?

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