Monday, September 16, 2013

It's On Amazon: Organize It All 1338-6 Tie Belt Valet Hanger

After purchasing a Woodlore 82720 Natural Cedar Tie Organizer and finding it too wide (due to the prongs on both sides) to fit comfortably in my closet, I was long for another storage option that would provide a slimmer profile.  This Organize It All tie hanger (sold in 2 packs on Amazon) seemed to fit the bill, and for less than $10, the price was right.

I had used a plastic tie hanger of a similar design to this one prior to switching to the Woodlore, so I more or less knew what to expect.  This version is actually superior in that it has wider spacing between the prongs, putting less stress on the portion of the tie that hangs on them.  The best way of storing ties on this type of hanger is to hang them so that they drape down on alternating sides of the hanger, thereby distributing the weight of the ties as evenly as possible.  When fully stocked it fits comfortably in a cramped closet.

While also billed as a belt hanger, I found it somewhat ill-suited to the task, as the orientation of the prongs means that the belt buckles you hang on it will hang roughly parallel to your rack, making it exceedingly difficult to remove one belt without sending others tumbling to the floor.  For belt storage, I found the Closet Accessories 12 Belt Hardwood Hanger a superior solution, also for less than $10 (though for just one, rather than a 2-pack). 

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