Monday, August 12, 2013

Every Day Carry: EDC Series Introduction

I've been aware of the EDC phenomenon for several years, but never went so far as to examine my own habits.  This series will take a look at the various goods that I've come across that have made it into my EDC routine, or new candidates to replace existing EDC items.  This introductory post will summarize what EDC is and what's currently in my EDC roster.  Subsequent posts will take a closer look at each item in more depth.

What is EDC?

EDC stands for "Every Day Carry," and at its most basic it relates to the items that a person carries with them every day due to their indispensability or usefulness.  In some circles, EDC goes beyond the mere items that populate an individual list to encompass an entire philosophy of life or modus vivendi.  (For more information, forums like the EDC Forums make for great learning grounds.)

My EDC Roster (as of August 12, 2013)

Cellphone:  HTC Thunderbolt (Verizon)

When it comes to technology, I tend to squeeze out as much utility as I can before giving in to the inevitable upgrade.  Which explains why my cellphone is going on 2.5 years.  With a much-delayed Android ICS 4.0 update, it's occasionally on the slow side, but still going strong.

Flashlight:  Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi CA1 LED Flashlight

I'm a firm believer in carrying a small flashlight on your keychain, as it can be a lifesaver whenever light suddenly becomes a precious commodity (which can happen more often and unexpectedly that you'd think).  This titanium LED light runs on a single AAA and has high and low settings.

Keychain:  Key-Bak #5SK Retractable Striker/Tool Reel with 24-Inch Stainless Steel Chain

Key Ring:  Le Hook (K50, silver)

The Le Hook is the best amalgam of security and ease of removal that I've found in a key ring.

Pen:  Zebra Penpod Mini Keychain Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm (White)

I always try to keep a pen at hand (even when paper or other writing surfaces may not be), and the best solution I've found is the Penpod.  It's the perfect size for my hand, and fits well on a keychain.  My only gripe is that the pen can be detached accidentally and lost (as has happened to two of these under my care), but I prefer the twist mechanism used here over the magnets used in other keychain pens, mainly in consideration of my USB drive and mechanical watch.

USB Flash Drive:  SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZ33 32GB USB Flash Drive (SDCZ33-032G-B35)

Incredibly small and inexpensive, there's no reason not to keep vital files on a USB drive like this on your keychain as an extra layer of backup on top of whatever cloud service you might fancy.  Having a USB drive handy for file transfers is another thing that, once you've gotten used to it, you may find that you can't live without.

Wallet:  Koyono X Slimmy (Black w/ Electric Blue stitching)

I've used Slimmy wallets since replacing a worn slim bifold with an ID Slimmy in 2010, and I've become a huge fan of their design.  The X Slimmy is even slimmer than the regular model, and when your preferences are as minimalist as mine (a few bills, five cards), this is the perfect wallet.

Watch:  Omega Speedmaster Professional (Ref. 3573.50)

Actually one of five watches that I use in rotation, if I were forced to pare the collection down to one, this would be it.  Preeminently legible dial, rock-solid Lemania handwound chronograph movement, solid Omega fit and finish.

For a taste of what EDC entails for someone like Adam Savage, of Mythbusters fame, check out the video below:

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